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Project Description

generation of fundraising descriptions

WhoGotFunded.com (WGF) is a website tracking all venture capital developments in every industry and region in the world. It was launched in 2012 by Digimind, a competitive intelligence software publisher, in collaboration with semantics specialists Daedalus and Syllabs. Through the use of text mining and machine learning technologies, the database is updated in real time. Data2Content technology makes it possible to generate a short description every time a transaction is detected, with the aim to make information easier to access and understand for visitors, and to provide unique content for search engines.

For each funding deal, Data2Content generates a short description in English based on the structured data extracted by the site:

  • Which company is receiving funds?
  • Who are the investors?
  • What is the company’s industry?
  • How much was invested?
  • When and where did it happen?

The descriptions are displayed near a table presenting the information. An API allows the WGF team to integrate content generated by the Data2Content technology into the workflow in real time. Fundraising descriptions can also be generated in French.

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