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Project Description

Camera Square:
creation of a website about digital cameras

Whether you want to buy your first camera, upgrade your equipment or make a present, the perfect digital camera is never easy to find. Camera Square was created using Data2Content technology in order to provide photography non-specialists with useful information to choose the best digital camera for their needs. With so many different products available on the market, finding your way around the various models and their specifications can be a real challenge.

Camera Square lists a range of digital camera models, with a unique description for each product. The information for each camera was collected from manufacturer websites, using Syllabs’ web mining and scraping technology and expertise. A database was created and its data was processed using the Data2Content technology to generate editorial content that is both relevant and unique.

Camera specifications are presented in a table and descriptive text. These short paragraphs focus on the features that are most relevant to help a visitor decide on a specific model. For instance, they explain why characteristics such as resolution or ISO sensitivity should be factored in. Here is a sample from a product description:

“Its 21.1-megapixel CMOS sensor will guarantee a sharp result for printing, cropping, displaying or processing your pictures. For shooting in difficult lighting conditions, an ISO 6400 light sensitivity is offered.”

We can see that the content is not simply a list of technical specifications, but rather that it provides added value by offering quality information to visitors. These quality product information sheets make it possible to quickly create websites with content that makes all the difference with competing websites.

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