Data2Content makes it possible to:

  • produce unique and relevant content
  • produce coherent and consistent texts that comply with your editorial guidelines
  • produce large volumes of text in a short time
  • update your content automatically
  • manage multilingualism by creating content in several languages from the same data set, without the need for translation

When content meets performance

According to domain experts, good SEO is 30 percent based on content. It is a key element in any company’s web strategy.

Relying on a cutting-edge semantic technology, Data2Content helps websites address the essential requirement of providing quality content. For e-commerce players, Data2Content can take care of creating and updating product information. Our solution does make it possible to automatically create descriptive texts with unique, detailed and attractive wording. They are designed to be simple to integrate on any website and offer time- and cost-efficiency. Data2Content helps you enrich your website and brings you the following benefits:

Thanks to SEO-optimized texts, Data2Content helps you boost your website’s natural ranking. Duplicate content is a major problem for all websites, but with Data2Content the uniqueness of your content is guaranteed. Unlike with content spinning, texts are of human quality and pleasant to read. With a little work around your business’s lexical universe, we can make sure that the most compelling words for your target audience will be used.

With detailed descriptions, the customer experience is optimized. Internet users are indeed increasingly demanding and they are looking for precise information. Using Data2Content, all the knowledge contained in your database will be turned into text and given prominence so as to inform and win over your customers. Explanatory information can also be added in order to bring real added value compared to a simple list of features (for instance: “on average, class-A+ refrigerators consume 10 percent less power than class-A appliances”).

Content that is at the same time optimized, relevant and attractive will allow you to not only attract more visitors, but also to retain customers on your website for longer. Lowering the bounce rate is a major concern for all high ranking websites.

Relying on our expertise in information processing and thought out for players in the web industry, Data2Content was designed from the start to be easily integrated into your website’s workflow. Various formats are possible. Texts can also be made available in SaaS mode through a dedicated API.